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There is yet another change to Facebook – your profile items such as job history, education, and interests is now linked to (or can now be linked) to pages on Facebook. I logged into Facebook this morning and saw this:

So I clicked the ‘Choose pages individually’ link so I could have complete control over what was about to happen. I unchecked things I didn’t want to be linked to and reviewed what they thought were the pages that made sense. I then went in to edit my profile since some interests were out of date and others were missing (how often do you update your profile on Facebook? Me? Not that often). The editing was a bit easier than in the past:

You just drag the blue bubbles around and the first one showing will be the image that shows to the right. You’ll also notice that the profile edit screen has changed – yet again- meaning I have to go update my Facebook 101 guide (yet again). Anyway, when you are done and have saved your changes your info tab on your profile will look a bit different. A bit cleaner, I do have to say.

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  1. You may prefer this format, but I hate it! My interest in “family” now shows a picture of a random family and links to a page that EXPLAINS WHAT A FAMILY IS (“a group of people or animals affiliated by co-residence…”). WHATTTT??!! My interest in “some alternative, some country” music turned into “Alternative Country”. My joining the Bret Michaels page to wish him well due to his recent illness converted into an “interest” in Bret Michaels music. I’m not interested in his music! Everything has to be selected from a list, there’s no room for freestyle thought or shades of gray. Is this really necessary? I suppose it’s a new way of FB handing out our personal info to advertisers, and they weren’t able to do it with free-text entries. I’m about to wipe out my entire “info” section because I’m not going along with it!

  2. Not only that but now all of that information is public. You are forced to make it public via the creation of these “pages.” If you don’t want to make it public, your entries disappear. So if you only want your friends to know you like Alvin and the Chipmunks, you can’t do it. Either Alvin & the Chipmunks will show up when people search for your public profile (or to advertisers) or they won’t show up at all. Same thing with school. Don’t want people you don’t know (or advertisers) that you went to Jo Schmo college? And it took you 10 years to do it? Well either you are forced to have this info public or it disappears.

  3. I agree with above! When I didn’t allow FB to reformat my “likes”, half of what I originally published in my Profile is gone! Other items, such as “about me” was shifted over to my “bio” – BIO?

    The cool thing about FB was the freedom to build my little FB world the way I want, and the way i want my network to see it. Now it’s becoming more of a patterned cookie cutter site – which makes it easier for marketers to collect data. I’m not against advertising but…I am against the messing with my customized profile information without permission.

  4. Profile change is a total mess. TOO CONFUSING!I agree that profile should be what WE prefer, not what facebook prefers to be posted! Very unhappy with what is being done with My page. Prefer the at least have the OPTION to keep it as I wish!!!

  5. You think that’s bad, it totally rewrote my profile. It said I liked some guy called ‘Neil Hardwick’ as my favourite author (I believe I wrote Bill Bryson before) and now my interest is ‘Computer Software’ (actually before I had written matter-antimatter explosions, I know nothing about computer software). I know I shouldn’t be so upset about it but it really annoys me that without my knowledge they’ve just gone and changed everything I wrote about myself. I put that information there, in that order for a reason. It’s what I wanted people to know about me. Now it’s not even what I wrote and it links to things that I don’t want to be linked to. It wiped out all the music I said I liked because it couldn’t find a ‘page’ for it. I couldn’t click ‘cancel’ or no, you have to change your page whether you like it or not. So I’d check very carefully when this happens to you.

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