Deals & Freebies

Yesterday I was stumbling around the web and came across a site I hadn’t heard of before called 101 Free Tech Books. They have a raffle once a month and give away print tech books (not e-books) to the winners. If you’ve bought a book on programming or computers lately you know that these books can add up in cost pretty quickly. I haven’t won anything yet, so I don’t know how easy it is to snag one of these books, but it seems like a pretty awesome idea and worth giving it a try to get free books!

This second site isn’t so much technology related, but I have recently become a fan of a pretty cool deal site called Groupon and thought that some of you might find it interesting. Basically you sign up to get deals in your area, called Groupons (like coupons for a group) and if enough people promise to buy the Groupon the deal is on. I recently got a Groupon for $110 worth of photobooks for only $25 (a technology-ish type deal).

Finally and most awesome – if you want to learn more about finding deals and saving money you should checkout my friend Rachel and her awesome Mashup Mom site & her newest book Point, Click, and Save.

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