Visual Search for Flights

I have just been playing with Hipmunk – a new air travel search engine – and I have to say I’m impressed. I don’t know for sure if I’m getting the best prices (and can’t tell you that until I use it for a while) but what I am getting is a new way to visualize flights. As most of you know I travel a lot (an understatement) and sometimes I spend hours trying to book travel efficiently and cost effectively. Hipmunk displays flights the way I think – graphically.

I did a search from my two local airports to LAX (for my trip to New Zealand this fall), they were split between two tabs so I can jump back and forth easily (something other sites do not make easy) to compare times, airlines and prices.

I’ll keep trying Hipmunk before my upcoming trips and if I find something else worth mentioning I’ll be sure to share!


  1. The only down side I noticed was that it is still limited as to the airlines included. Southwest being the one I noticed.
    I liked it including Amtrack in the list.

  2. It’s still a baby (only a couple weeks old) so I think it has awesome potential as it grows and they get comments and suggestions.

  3. I like that you can sort by “agony”…

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