Gmail Priority Inbox

I read a few tweets yesterday about people using the new Gmail Priority Inbox and was very jealous. Today I see that it has been activated on my Google Apps account (but not my Gmail account yet).

This new feature is about organizing your inbox more efficiently. Google tries to determine what types of messages are important to you and which are less so. Having this enabled on my work account isn’t really that helpful because everything that comes through there is important – but I can’t wait to see it on my personal email box where I get all kinds of messages from mailing lists and unsolicited sources.

I’d love to hear what others are experiencing with this new feature – and if you’re still not a Gmail user, I highly recommend you jump in and give it a whirl!


  1. I just got Priority Inbox on my personal gmail last night. My initial reaction is very positive, but I think it’s going to take it a while to “learn” what’s important and what’s not. So far it seems to be erring on the side of labeling too many things as important – Facebook notifications, for one thing, which I don’t want cluttering up the “important” box. It’s not perfect, and never will be (even gmail’s spam filter fails on me several times a week) – but I think it’s going to help!

  2. Priority inbox was also activated on my account last night. It seems google has been rolling out some interesting applications recently and this one is a welcomed surprise. I wasn’t very impressed when I first started playing around with it but after a while it kind of grew on me. It’s nice to be able to quickly glance at my “higher priority” inbox as I walk out the door for school or work. It gives me time to think about them or respond quickly without having to crawl through the normal everyday clutter.

  3. I was disappointed when it started opening emails in new tabs and lost all the sidebars etc. It was more like a “print page” screen.

    I’m hoping it was just a glitch…

  4. Sounds like a gliche … I don’t have that happening.

  5. I’ve been using it for about a week and while it seems to be very clever I find myself reverting to the old style. I’m big on inbox zero ( ) techniques and this just seems like a more efficient procrastination tool.

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