Email to TripIt

Okay, so a big huge thank you goes out to Chris Cormack for pointing out this feature of TripIt.

As you know I travel a lot. This means I have a lot of info to keep track of and a lot of info to share with my husband both so he knows where I am and so he knows when to pick me up. What I usually do is forward all my confirmation emails to him and he then proceeds to lose them. So today when Chris asked if I wanted a ride from the airport in Wellington to my hotel I said ‘yes please’ and he asked if the details were on TripIt and I said ‘huh?’

It turns out that I missed a simple feature (which is displayed right in my face on the top of the screen) – the ability to forward your confirmation emails to TripIt (at and have it update your trips with details of your travel!!

I did this with a bunch of my trips and it added the details perfectly! How awesome is that?? Anyway, give it a whirl if you use TripIt.

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