Mapping Friends

I’ve been on the road a lot this month and last and have had friends on Facebook and Twitter comment on my Foursquare checkins asking why I didn’t let them know I’d be in their area. Well the reason is simple – I can’t remember where everyone I’m friends with lives 🙂 This is the new world of virtual relationships and for me many of these relationships are just as good with people I know online (and at conferences) as those I know in my everyday life. My point here is I wish I did know where all my friends were before I headed in their direction – so I asked on Twitter and I got two answers to my problem.

The first is using Bing to map your Facebook friends.

Now of course I need all my friends to put their locations on Facebook and share them with me so I can find them 🙂

The other option was Google Latitude, but I’m not sure I completely understand how it works. I think that all my friends have to tell Google their locations to see them.

Anyway, I’m going to give these tools a whirl before my next trip (aka today).

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