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Most of my readers know that I’m a huge Android fan and love my Android! One of the threads I always reply to is ‘what are your favorite android apps?’ Well today I find out that AppBrain (one of my favorite apps) allows me to share my list of Android apps right here!

Tomorrow I plan to head to the store to upgrade my phone from the HTC Eris (which I have loved) to the Droid X (which is much more of a powerhouse). If I change this list of apps much, I’ll let you know! If you share your list, feel free to share the link in the comments here so others can see what you have installed. And if you think I’m missing something essential, let me know!





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  1. Hey we have the same phone! I got an X yesterday. I’m glad OverDrive audio books works but I really want an ereader to read books from NetLibrary and OverDrive. If you figure that, out let me know!

  2. My library doesn’t have Overdrive books so I have no clue – it is my understanding that Overdrive is far from friendly even on the web … so I’m probably not going to explore that 🙂

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