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  1. Wow this is really some good news. I am a sysadmin for the african university of science and technology. Sometime ago I discussed with the Librarians in my school about the need to have some form of online cataloging system I was inexperienced in such matters but was still tasked to research and look for a good solution. That was how I found koha (after some googling) Since I have had to learn about MARC21 and how to migrate our spreadsheet based catalog to Marc21 and import that to the koha installation which I managed to have installed on one of our debian servers. I has been a very challenging task because I am new at this but the koha irc has been really helpful. It would be nice if Olugenga could share some contacts on koha groups because I would so want to be a part of one and learn (and also share experiences) from others. Up till now I am not aware there was any koha installation (not to talk of community) here.

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