1. Not sure if I should have hidden my view of skyriver-oclc. Personally, I think that the wider OCLC membership should “man up” and decide en masse if/how/why this WorldCat policy is fair to their members. I’m not sure if it would happen as it feels a bit like OCLC has managers and they now have some assets (the catalogue records) which they’re treating as an opportunity for private enterprise more than a shared resource.

    I think other koha-involved librarians+consultants have written about libraries not being ever so assertive more clearly than I can… Maybe this issue will arouse them out of their slumber? It should be easier to influence oclc than an actual private enterprise.

  2. And thanks nengard for this summary. When my slides and notes are up, and the video (gulp), it’ll be obvious where I misdirected you all :)

    Oh and being a non-profit would be easy. Just give the profits back to members as surplus payments, or make grants to community projects. That’s how most co-ops qualify as non-profit even if they’re sort of for-profit too. I dance around that often, with phrases like “more-than-profit”.

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