What I learned on the way home

Yesterday I flew home from NZ. I was in 3 countries, 3 states, 4 airplanes and 5 airports in more hours than I can count because of the varied time zones.

While in the air I got an email from Ask.com telling me that Bloglines is actually not going away – but just moving to a new host. While I like Bloglines more than Greader I see this as a really bad move. After all the hoopla about Bloglines going away people moved to other readers out there – the chances of them coming back after all this is probably not good. Are any of you going back?

The second thing I learned was by browsing the magazines in an airport store. Apparently Verizon and Apple have finally agreed on bringing the iPhone to Verizon Wireless. This is another one of those too little too late kind of things in my book. Those of us who didn’t want to switch to AT&T have fallen in love with Android – in fact I know many iPhone users who have switched to Android (and apparently new users are choosing Android over iPhone too) and are not regretting their decision. It will be interesting to see what happens with this new phone at Verizon – I certainly won’t be switching.


  1. I’ve already moved back, and I’ve already heard from several other people who never warmed up to Google Reader and have moved back as well. Pardon me if I refuse to consider restoring Bloglines as a “really bad move.”

  2. I think I worded that poorly – it was a bad move (business-wise) to prematurely announce that it was going away – they lost users that way. I’m still a bit jetlagged and glad I at least made sense even if I was misunderstood.

    As for me, I’m not moving back to Bloglines – seems a bit unstable to me – I don’t however want to stay with Greader either so I think I’ll start exploring other alternatives.

  3. I agree that is was a bad move business-wise to announce to their users that it was going away. I waited until (what I thought) was the last minute to switch to Greader and can’t say I love it, but not sure I want to go through the trouble to switch again just yet. I wonder how many others have switched and won’t switch back.

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