CIL11: Learning from Inspirational Libraries

Marshall Breeding was up this morning talking to us about learning from libraries he’s visited around the world! I don’t see Marshall’s slides online yet, but I hope to find them sometime because he has a ton of awesome pictures in them to share with us all.

First up, in 2007 Marshall visited Yonsei University library in Seoul, Korea. Marshall feels that they have done everything they could with technology. This library kept one library with all of the books, and built another library with technology and unique spaces. If ever there was a building that embraced web 2.0, this is that library. Marshall showed us pictures of large touch screen monitors that people walked up to get directions in the library and/or search the library catalog. They also had a touch screen monitor with a note board – meaning people left notes for each other on this monitor using the app installed and then came and picked them up at the library.

Next up DOK in Delft (which we’ve all probably heard about for their awesome innovations). Lots of awesome spaces in this library. The children’s room is for the children to do as they wish, there are gaming areas in the library and a bunch of awesome architecture. One of the cool pieces of furniture in the library is a pod chair where you have a monitor and speakers and can watch a movie without others around you hearing it. At DOK they built their own ILS because they couldn’t find another one out there that was as innovative as they are.

In Sidney, Marshall visited the Customs House Library. The circ desk in this library is really pretty and unique looking. The building on the outside looks a bit like a historic building, but inside it looks modern and clean. One innovative thing they had was an interactive art exhibit that changed from time to time.

National and University Library in Slavania is up next. This library was built over a 150 years ago and is gorgeous, but difficult to fit a library in to.

The British Library is one of the most advanced libraries in the world. They are very innovative in their uses of technology – pushing the limits of what any platform can do. They have showcased the original collection from the library in a gorgeous glass case that looks like it spans floors. The British Library still holds on to the library as quiet place kind of atmosphere (which is something I sorely miss).

The Library of Congress Culpeper facility focuses on digital preservation. Marshall talked about the fact that they innovated new technologies to get movies out of the paper that the film was wrapped in – the film had disintegrated, but the paper held on to some of the images.

Next on to Argentina. The picture of this library looks like it couldn’t possibly stand up … pretty awesome looking. The library itself looked awesome, but their technology isn’t really state of the art and they still have piles of library cards that have to be entered into their automated library system.

Next up the libraries in Medellin. They offer library services in the metro stations where you can drop off and pick up book on your way to and from work.

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