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For years I’ve been using Delicious and Zotero as my two main tools for keeping track of links. Delicious is where I save links to websites and tools and Zotero is for all of my articles. When we all had that little scare about Delicious disappearing I signed up for a few alternatives.

I tried out Diigo which I think is pretty cool, but the link rolls it provides are much more limited than those from Delicious and I use those links rolls on my book sites.

Then I tried out Pinboard. Pinboard is pretty cool because it can not only save my links but also archive my tweets. I often RT fellow librarians who share interesting links on Twitter and don’t always bookmark those links, so Pinboard is pretty cool.

Next up is which right now seems to be the coolest. Using I can archive my tweets, archive my Facebook links, import my links from Delicious and pull in other RSS feeds (I pull in my blogs, Flickr and Zotero).

So here’s what I’m thinking is my final plan. I’m keeping Delicious cause I love it and have link rolls embedded in several of my sites (and the auto posting of my bookmarks here and on my other sites), but I’m going to keep using has my aggregate for all of my linked content. If you have a tool you’d like to recommend me to try out, feel free to comment.

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  1. I feel much more confident since AVOS purchased Delicious from Yahoo! last month! I was in slow burning panic mode myself, as I’ve been using Delicious since 2006. I couldn’t find anything else that offers what Delicious has, especially the tagging functionality.

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