Speeding up Wordpress Dashboard

Time for me to look to all of you for some help. I run many WordPress sites (this one included). All of them have the W3 Total Cache plugin installed to try and improve performance a bit. On this site though, my dashboard can take up to a minute to load up no matter what I do. I’m looking for tips on optimizing WordPress dashboards so that maybe I can write posts a bit more efficiently in the future.

Things I have tried:

  • Deleting unused plugins
  • Deactivating plugins I don’t need
  • Using a premium theme (which may or may not be the problem)
  • And W3 Total Cache (which I already mentioned)

I’m thinking that the slowness may be from the Google Analytics Dashboard plugin I’m using, but I do have that installed on all of my sites and this is the only one with the super slow dashboard.

Feel free to give me some ideas.

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