New Facebook Privacy

Facebook has release new privacy settings to some of us (you’ll be seeing it soon if you don’t already). These new settings are an attempt to be more like Google+ (where you can share with one specific people). When you log in to Facebook you’ll see a pop up inviting you to learn about the new settings:

When you’re updating your status there are three new options below the status box.

  • One for who you want to share with
  • one for your location
  • and one for your privacy for the post

My problem is that I can’t share a post with a list of friends – I have to choose individual people which is kind of annoying and hard for someone like me who follows hundreds of librarians. I guess it’s a step in the right direction, but not as easy to use as circles in Google+.

You can learn more about these new settings on Facebook.


  1. I haven’t done it yet, but I did think you could choose a custom share, and then put the name of a list under specific people to share with? I hope it works like that, otherwise it’s not very helpful at all.

  2. Laura, I’ll need to try again – I didn’t see a way to do it the first time I tried.

  3. Yeah, the weird thing is that Facebook DOES let you create a specific list of people; and then set general sharing settings based on that list (like letting none of them see your wall or whatever).

    But you don’t seem to be able to use these lists with the new “inline” privacy feature.

    I am not surprised when Facebooks interface is inconsistent and weird though, with multiple features that work at cross purposes. Par for the course.

  4. Posting just to specific lists is still working for me with the new inline privacy feature. Try this:

    1. Choose “Custom” from the posting option menu.
    2. When the box pops up, choose “Specific People” from the “These people” drop down menu.
    3. Type the name of the list you want to share with into the input box. The list name should pop up and be selectable on the drop down menu.

    These steps are working for me — I hope they’ll work for you, too!

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