1. Sharon C.

    Thank you, Nicole, these notes are nicely done, complementing & filling in important details for the slide deck over at http://www.davidleeking.com/2012/03/26/my-computers-in-libraries-2012-presentations/!

    I utterly agree w/this point, for example:
    “Websites = Actual Work
    Hire someone to do your website! Don’t just ask the most tech savvy person in your library and hope that it turns out right.”
    Also, I’d go even further along the lines of the strategic planning (#5) – I’d say that #6 & 5 could go deeper and be merged, since – a la the same guru/presenter (David Lee King)’s Digital Library Branch concept. Your whole online presence should have a strategy. This includes content & goals, first. The tools then need to be chosen to help you meet those goals.

    Heck, I think I’d almost make the technology plan say “see also: Online Strategy/Digital Branch Strategy”. In there, I would start from user experience, then talk about the many pieces of that experience modularly. Only later should tools be talked about. It still drives me nuts that the catalog is considered different than the website. It isn’t to the library user who’s online. When I go to L.L. Bean’s site, I don’t get a different experience of shopping their catalog vs. using their site, even though there’s the brochure-type “about the company” and bricks-and-mortar store support, in addition to the transactional system that allows site users to shop for things & buy them online.

    Lots of discussion these days in pro web dev world about content strategies, as well as how to plan web presence via the use of such agile methods as creation of personas & Use Cases. The biggest trend, moreover, is responsive design – finding ways to build an online presence that can shape itself to any device, since mobile will exceed desktop usage of web presence by 2015. Use of a web content management system is a necessity these days to support all of these goals.

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