1. Ally

    I’m still ticked off that they did away with the shared items feed when Google+ started – yet there’s no real alternative to it now – all the alternatives are really just alternatives to how you read your google reader feeds :( and that’s true regardless of platform – even on my ipad I have to go into google reader itself to add or delete feeds, even if I’m using something else to actually read them)

    Anyway – I know you can export your feeds, so maybe you could make a list that way? I haven’t tried that so I don’t know…

  2. You can export your subscriptions as OPML and then do fun things with that:

    1. To export subscriptions as OPML, go to Settings > Reader Settings > Import/Export > Export your information. Click on “download” in the “OPML” column. Save the file.

    2. Google for things like “convert opml to html”. Here is one example:

    Have fun! 😉

  3. Magnus,

    I know I’m being picky – but I’d love for it to just be a dynamic page. The web is all about sharing these days and they have made it so that you can’t share individual articles and you can’t share what you’re subscribed to.

    I’ll check out that OPML to HTML tool once I get my subscriptions all sorted out.

  4. Taliawa

    Bundles? Pick a folder – then choose the Folder Settings drop down and Create a Bundle. You can move feeds in or out of your bundle from there and then share it. Not sure if this is what you are trying to do.

  5. Thanks for the bundle tips – I’ll check those out.

  6. Stephen

    I just export all my blogs and tell folks to import.

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