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No more Meebo?!

Jul - 26 - 2012
Nicole C. Engard

I don’t use Meebo regularly, I’m an Adium fan, but today Adium was acting up so I went to Meebo to try and log in to my chat clients and found that Meebo has been acquired by Google. Looking at the list of discontinued apps I noticed that it looks like pretty much everything … so I’m wondering what libraries are using these days? I know that many of you had Meebo widgets on your pages to facilitate chat reference. What have you replaced it with?

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  1. Jennifer Harris says:

    We’re using Springshare’s LibChat in conjunction with their LibAnswers system. The chat is brand new, but we really like it so far and we’ve found that combining all our virtual reference services into the LibAnswers system has worked smoothly.

  2. Gabby says:

    We’re trying out Digsby right now, but one student did point out there’s not much of a distinction visually between the section between where patrons type and the part where messages show up. I still prefer it to Zoho, which most places on my listserv seem to have chosen.

  3. Nicole says:

    I also have a few open source alternatives bookmarked here if they’re of help to anyone .. does Digsby have a widget you can embed on your website? Or just a desktop client? I didn’t like Digsby much when I tried it for personal use a while ago.

  4. We use LibraryH3lp developed by a librarian/programmer partnership. They put together a blogpost about other alternatives to Meebo about a month back, too.

  5. Gabby says:

    Example of Digsby widget:

    I don’t think we’ll be sticking with Digsby long-term, but it’s meeting our basic needs at the moment. (Our chat volume is under 10/month at our tiny school, so I am not even considering options with a cost attached. Bigger schools will have different pro/cons than ours, for sure.)

  6. Karen Marie says:

    We were using Meebo and had to hurry and find a replacement when they announced that they were shutting it down.

    We decided on Mibew. It is actually much better than Meebo when several librarians are logged on at the same time. The only draw-back is that we have to run it from our own server.

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