1. Julia

    I use Google’s two-factor security, and I find it plenty easy to use.

    How many text messages it sends depends mostly on how many different computers you log into Google from and on whether or not you ask Google to remember your authorization for 30 days. Every time you log in from a computer/mobile device that you’ve never logged in from before (or from one that you have but you’ve asked Google not to remember your authorization), it sends you a text message. Plus, once 30 days have passed, even if you’ve asked it to remember your authorization, when you log in from that computer again Google will send you a text message again. So if you only ever log into Google from, say, your home computer, your work computer, and your Android phone, you’ll get 3 text messages every 30 days. I’m in your shoes (I also don’t have a text messaging plan), I use Google from about that many devices, and the less than $1/month that the texts cost me is totally worth it, I think.

    But it looks like you may be able to set it up to not use text messages at all, if you have an Android phone? See http://support.google.com/a/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=175197 . This is news to me — I just stumbled across that while double-checking that 30 days was indeed the maximum time it would “remember” a device — but it might be worth checking out?

  2. I did see that after the initial set up I can use an app from then on out so I’ll be setting this up because that article was way way scary. I’m also backing up my computer today – which I do every couple weeks anyway, but today I’m nervous :)

  3. John

    You might want to download the Google Authenticator app from the Play Store. That way you can authenticate without text messages.

  4. Your illustration is fab!! :) Thanks for the kind attribution. You’re doing it right.

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