Treat joy and passion as your guide

I was reading an article by Tim O’Reilly and just had to share it with you all. One of the things I talk about when teaching open source is how the people involved in open source products love what they’re doing. It’s fun to them, not just work. O’Reilly’s article talks about that with a bit of history thrown in:

There is a prevailing mythology that new industries start when creative entrepreneurs with ideas for new businesses meet venture capitalists. The reality turns out to be different. New industries start with people having fun.

Most of the people who launched the personal computer industry three decades ago weren’t entrepreneurs; they were kids to whom the idea of owning their own computer was absurdly exciting. Programming was like a drug – no, better than a drug, or joining a rock band, and certainly better than any job they could imagine.

He ends the article by reminding us all that in order to succeed as an entrepenuer (and I’d say in order to succeed in your career in general) you need to “…treat joy and passion as your guide.” I couldn’t agree more!

Read the full article in Think Quarterly.

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