NY Census Data on Ancestry

The Mancuso Women (My great-grandmother, my grandmother and my great aunts)
With the release of the 1940 census (and the completion of my latest book) I have returned to Ancestry to do more family research. In addition to the 1940 census though I have notices a lot of NY data that wasn’t there before and this is great for me and my Italian-American ancestry. Today I was pointed to this article on NYTimes.com that explains where this data came from:

The New York State Archives and Library has collaborated with Ancestry.com to provide searchable versions of the recently released 1940 United States census; New York State censuses from 1892, 1915 and 1925; and marriage, draft and other records dating to the 17th century.

So if you have family that lived in NY in those years, be sure to return to Ancestry and do some searching – there’s some great info in there!

Learn more here.

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