Do Ebooks Need Cover Images?

There was an interesting article on NPR about the art of cover images and the new world of eBooks. Chip Kidd, an associate art director at publisher Alfred A. Knopf, gave a talk about the art of cover image design.

Still, as Kidd tells NPR’s Linda Wertheimer, all books — electronic, hardcover or paperback — need covers.

“They need some kind of visual representation, whether you’re going to be seeing them the size of a postage stamp on a computer screen or a smartphone, or sitting on a table, or on a shelf, or in a bookstore,” he says.

But goes on to say:

“People don’t buy a book on the Web because of the cover,” Kidd says. “They’ll buy a book on the Web because they’ve read a review or it’s word of mouth or some combination of the two.”

I agree with the above points, but I’d like to add that even when it comes to ebooks, I do still browse popular titles or titles like the one I’m reading and am drawn to specific cover images over others – so I hope that cover images stay a part of books forever and ever!

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