The open source behind Twitter

You’ve maybe heard of, a micro blogging tool like Twitter, but 100% open source, but did you realize that, as Jason Hibbets says, “Without open source, Twitter wouldn’t exist”? Jason starts off his interview with Chris Aniszczyk, Open Source Manager at Twitter:

Every Tweet you send and receive touches open source software on its journey between computers and mobile devices. We were curious about how much open source is used at Twitter. Beyond that, we wanted to discover how open source may influence the culture at Twitter, Inc.

One of the things I tell all of my open source students is that open source powers the web – and most of the popular sites that they use every day. So, open source fans, don’t write off Twitter just because the software itself isn’t open source, at least the power of open source is still being harnessed to keep this popular micro-blogging site afloat!

If you want to learn more about how Twitter uses the power of open source read the entire interview and/or check out Twitter’s open source page.

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