How to not do support

Disclaimer: I work for a support company so I might be biased in saying this – but we are way better at support than Pinterest is. David Lee King summarized his support experience with Pinterest. Pinterest was messing up links from his catalog so he thought he’d try support.

My first attempt wasn’t a good one. I submitted my ticket, and was immediately sent a link to the “here’s how to create a PIN, dummy” link (ok – they didn’t really say “dummy” – but they might as well have said that). Then they added this: ”If you’re writing about another issue, please submit a new ticket under the right topic to get help as quickly as possible.”

The story goes on. I already said that I work in a support company … but so do many of my readers! If you work in a library you’re in a service industry and a lot of what you’re doing is support (maybe not all technical) – learn from David’s story and don’t make the same mistakes that Pinterest did!


  1. And the rest of the story (so far) – yesterday, out of the blue, they sent me one of those “please rate our customer service” emails!

    I didn’t give them a good rating, and left a comment stating “you haven’t actually helped me yet!”

    Fun time!

  2. Oh, I’ve gotten those before. I’ve answered the same way – ‘you haven’t helped me yet’!

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