Governments Urging the use of Open Source

This from OStatic:

French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault has issued a missive to French ministers, including a complete action plan urging government usage of LibreOffice and PostgreSQL. But the action plan calls for more. As noted on Slashdot: “He also wants them to reinvest between 5 percent and 10 percent of the money they save through not paying for proprietary software licenses, spending it instead on contributing to the development of the free software.

France is just the most recent in a list of other governments that I’ve seen encouraging the use of open source software. Recently I read about Italy on The H Open:

On 7 August, a law was passed by the Italian Parliament that requires the use of open source software by public administrations where possible. Article 68 of the Italian Digital Administration Code (Codice dell’amministrazione digitale) states that, from 12 August, public administrations looking for a new software solution must either use an application which they have already developed in-house, develop their own new program, use open source software, or any combination of these.

And on the local front, I have Open Source for America bookmarked and have found that the White House has a GitHub account (not much there yet).

Let me know of other open source government movements and I’ll share that info with everyone … also I have to note that if entire governments can do it … why can’t more libraries??

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