What’s new in Ubuntu?

Lifehacker has a nice summary of the features in the newest release of Ubuntu.

Among the new features:

  • Webapps On Your Desktop
  • Online Search and File Previews in the Dash
  • A New Photo Lens in the Dash
  • Ubuntu One Adds File Sharing, a Mac Client
  • No More Unity 2D for Low Power Devices

If you haven’t checked it out recently look at this email I got from a librarian several months ago:

The hard drive on one of our reference desk PCs died today.  I threw in a new one, but I didn’t feel like spending the day sitting through Windows updates, so I loaded Ubuntu 11.04 on it instead.  The install, as I’m sure you know, only took about 15 minutes.  Now, before I add my next point, keep in mind that I manage a staff whose average age is about 63.  No joke.  Most of them have been working at my facility longer than I’ve been alive.  Still, once I had Ubuntu up and running, they were literally fighting over who got to use the new operating system.  They loved it that much.

Now I agree, Linux kicks butt.  I use it about 80% of the time.  Typing to you on Mint right now!  However, I never expected novice users to take to it so quickly.  Please, next time you do an open source webinar, impress on your attendees that libraries aren’t sacrificing a thing by switching over to open source software.  If anything, open source operating systems and applications can be far more user friendly for the novice user than Windows will ever be…

If you want to try Ubuntu but don’t want to change operating systems install VirtualBox first and create an Ubuntu virtual machine.

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