Breeze through airport security

What would you pay to skip the line at security and go right to the luggage scanner? Does $179 sound reasonable? A new service that I learned about on Mashable called Clear will clear you to do just that:

Travelers can enroll in Clear by buying an annual membership for $179, which allows them to tack on any family member over 18 for an additional $50…

Part one of the user enrollment process can be completed online by entering basic information including your name and address, or at various Clear locations in airports, Sotheby’s locations, malls and the company’s NYC offices.

The second part of enrollment involves verifying your U.S. citizenship or permanent residency. At this stage Clear also logs your biometric scan. Flyers will receive their Clear card, with smart chip, in seven to 10 business days after enrollment.

Now, I’m a frequent flyer and bypass the line already, so for me it’s a bit steep – for those who only travel once or twice a year it also seems a bit much to me. I like the idea, but am wondering how much market they’ll really get. Most people are either at my end of the spectrum (so much travel that we already have all of the perks) or at the far other end (traveling once or maybe twice a year) making it not worth any price to bypass a little waiting in line.

That said, it’s a pretty neat idea and I think we’ll see more companies like this popping up hoping to cash in on our impatient natures.

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  1. I’d say that they’re cashing in on the absurdity of the situation rather than “our impatient natures.” This bothers me because it’s just one more company that has a financial interest in the farce of airport security.

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