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Collaboration is Key

Oct - 31 - 2012
Nicole C. Engard

When I was in college I would often work on my assignments with my husband (not my husband then of course) and most of our professors were fine with that because they realized that in the real world jobs are done in collaboration … well at least jobs in most successful companies. repeats my opinion:

Most businesses today know that utilizing collaboration tools increases the liklihood success for a project, and for the organization as a whole. When people work together, brain power is multiplied; not only does more work tend to get done, but better work. The loner mentality—whether it’s applied to how we think about office space, meetings, or project management—just doesn’t measure up.

They also have a little poll where they’re asking what collaboration tools you use most in your organization. At ByWater I said it’s IRC, although I guess Email is a close second. Working in a virtual office, IRC is how we keep in touch all day long, it’s how we make it feel like we’re actually all sitting in the same office. What tools do you use most for collaboration?

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