Looking for the dream RSS Reader

I’ve been hunting around for ages now and figure I should turn to my librarian friends (please no sales comments). I’m looking for my dream RSS Feed Reader. I use Android for my phone and tablet and Google for my email (both personal and work) so I want Google Reader to be this tool, but it’s just not. The tool can be web based or desktop based (I use Mac) but it has to sync 100% with Google Reader so when I’m mobile I can access it still.

I want to see both titles and previews (or full posts) when looking at the list of unread items – just like Google Reader, but I also what email like functions, like the ability to select all or select all unread or select all from a search and mark things read or starred or whatever (this last bit is what’s missing from Google Reader and is really bugging me – I tried Greasemonkey scripts but none of them see quite right). I subscribe to a lot of blogs technology blogs and when there is a new iPhone I don’t need to read 300 posts about it – one is fine – so I’d like to find all unread items with a keyword in the title or body and mark them all ready to get them out of my way.

My ideal RSS feed reader would work just like my Gmail inbox except that it would show the previews/full text when I click a folder (instead of just a list of titles) like Google Reader does now. Finally it needs to be free of cost very little because I’ve been dealing with Google Reader for ages now and can continue to do so without paying anything new.

Here’s my mock up of what my dream RSS feed reader would look like – a mashup of Gmail and Google Reader (this is just my wish – not something I’ve seen – it’s totally photoshopped):

A mashup of Gmail and Google Reader photoshopped by me to show what I want in my dream RSS feed reader.


  1. I would add a “Keep unread” checkbox that REALLY keeps something unread–not just until the next time, but every time, until I uncheck it. That’s a feature I liked about Bloglines.

  2. As a wise person I know says, “With the ideal comes the actual.” I’ve tried a bunch of RSS readers on my Android and have stuck with NewsRob.

  3. Owen,

    That would be great too!! I use stars for that now – that way I can find the items I want to come back to.

  4. I really like the changes you’ve proposed, Nicole. I have tried a few other readers, but I keep coming back to Google, because I have so many other irons in that fire.

    Right now, I’ve shuffled my most reliable sources into a favorites folder, which I skim and star for later. I also have to skim everything else under ‘All Items’ and star what looks useful. Then click ‘Mark All As Read.’ When I go to my ‘Starred Items’ they show as unread until I read them there. It’s a bit of a pain. I hope you find a really good solution to your predicament.

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