Facebook Friend and Relationship pages

Apparently these have been around for a while but I just missed them … did you? Facebook has a way for you to view a page with everything related to your and one of your friends or your partner. Last year Mashable posted this:

Facebook is rolling out a new breed of Pages called Friendship Pages that pull together the public wall posts, comments, photos (based on tags) and events that two friends have in common.

Today I found out that these pages (that I knew nothing about) are being upgraded with Timeline and that you can now access pages for you and your partner by going to facebook.com/us:

Now Facebook is giving those friendship pages an upgrade, in order to make them look more like Timeline profiles. And as a bonus, it’s adding a new page for you and anyone you’re in a relationship with: the adorably-named facebook.com/us.

Learn more about Friendship pages and Relationship pages on Mashable.

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