Bookmarks for January 14, 2013

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on Delicious.

  • Trip Tern
    Trip Tern is a revolutionary new way to plan your trip. Choose your city, dates and interests. And Trip Tern gives you most awesome itinerary tailor-made for you.
  • Quizlet
    Simple free learning tools for students and teachers
  • Diipo
    Diipo connects you the teacher with your students by making it easy to communicate with your class. Diipo also connects you with other educators and your class with other classes. Featuring an easy-to-use and familiar user-interface similar to Facebook and Twitter, Diipo helps students stay connected and engaged.
  • LiveMinutes
    LiveMinutes is a Free collaborative meeting service focused on Document Sharing. When sharing with LiveMinutes, everyone can videochat, look at the same slide at the same time and annotate documents in real time. Also, what’s awesome with LiveMinutes is that it generates meeting reports for you, so you can keep track of what was decided during meetings, and send copies to absentees.
  • hackpad
    Hackpad is the Best Wiki Ever. Company knowledgebase. Classroom collaboration. Event planning. Personal notes.
  • MindMeister
    MindMeister has been built from the ground up to facilitate collaboration. You can share any creation easily by inviting users by email, or simply send them a unique and secure direct link.

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