Must have organizer

A while back I shared a little travel gadget that I can’t live without (my Monster travel power strip). Today I’ve got to tell you about my new GridIt. I saw it on the news a while back and thought it might be handy so I added it to my wishlist and promptly forgot about it. But today I got it as a gift and I’m so glad I did. A bit of background first.

I have two laptop bags. One that is smaller and more fashionable for the short day trips to the local Starbucks or a Koha demo via train. The other is bigger and bulkier and much more practical for plane travel when I need to stuff a lot in to it. Regardless of the bag, I have the same laptop I bring and the same accessories I need anywhere I go. GridIt lets you put all of your little bits and bobs together in an organized fashion and then is easily transfered from one bag to another. See what I did here:

GridIt Organizer

And check out how it slides right in to a small pocket on my laptop bag:

GridIt Organizer

I have everything I need in one place and now I don’t have to dig through one bag (or the other) looking for my dongle or my AV cable – it’s all on my GridIt!

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