Interview about Open Source on

I recently gave an interview on about libraries, open source, getting involved and educating everyone I can.

Sharing is a fundamental part of the open source philosophy, and the same goes for libraries. Spreading, disseminating, and breaking down barries to gaining knowledge is a core mission of most library systems and their staff.

That that end, libraries—which are essentially hubs of knowledge and gathering places for learning and continuing daily education—may choose to implement open source tools and software.

An advocate for “open libraries”, Nicole Engard, is one of our new community moderators, a long-time contributor, and a 2013 People’s Choice Award winner. She has a passion for libraries and wants libraries’ core operations to run on open source.

Let’s find out how some of the open source tools like Koha and Zotero are changing the future of libraries and learn more about Engard’s open source passion.

Check it out here.

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