Home Automation with Arduino/RaspberryPi

Up last today was Rupa Dachere (CodeChix) talking about Home Automation with Arduino/RaspberryPi. The session ran over and started late so I only get to share a bit of info with you – you can probably find slides online somewhere.

Rupa decided to start this project so that she could find out who was at her front door, when they got there (time/day) and wanted to be notified that they have arrived in a timely fashion (seconds). For example Contractors had promised to be there at a time and she didn’t think they had arrived – she wanted proof that they never came by.

Phase one of this project was having a snapshot of the visitor and having it sent via text to the phone, then a video sent to the phone was phase 2, followed by a video live stream and audio notification in phase 3. Today we will hopefully get a demo of phase 2.

This solution was picked because it’s reasonably inexpensive (around $100). There are no commercial products that did what she wanted and if they got close they were too expensive.

The hardware needed:

  • Webcam
  • Adruino (Uno R3)
  • Rasberry Pi
  • Proximity sensor (HC-SR04)
  • independent power for the pi and arduino

The software was written using Python (on GitHub).

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