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New Linkedin Skills

If you’re on Linkedin you’ve probably noticed that you can no endorse people’s skills. What I can’t figure out is why? When you look at my profile you’ll see my skills listed, but nothing about them being endorsed – no rankings based on my colleagues who have said I know more about one topic over another.  Anyone have any ideas?

What’s your ideal bedtime?

Lifehacker pointed out a neat quiz that determines what type of person you are – morning or evening – and then tells you your ideal bedtime. The questions were pretty good (not like some of the silly quizzes out there) and it determined that I am very much a morning person (which I knew) and that my idea bedtime is 10:30pm. In the past few years pain has made me  [ Read More ]

The Accidental Systems Librarian Arrives

That’s right folks, the waiting is over! The Accidental Systems Librarian arrived on my doorstep this week! My husband held up the box and said – what’s this? Facing me was the label! Inside were my copies and the copies for my blurbers and co-author: Check it out!

Heading to Internet Librarian!

This weekend I head to Monterey, California for Internet Librarian 2012. I’ll be doing a workshop on the WordPress open source content management system with Polly-Alida Farrington on Sunday, speaking about open source trends and issues with Marshall Breeding on Monday, signing copies of the second edition of The Accidental Systems Librarian on Monday night at the opening reception and then participating on a panel Tuesday evening about the transforming  [ Read More ]

Analyze Your Facebook

Woldram Alpha has a pretty cool new feature that lets you analyze your Facebook usage. This from Lifehacker: Wolfram Alpha … launched a new feature today that allows you to quickly get an overview of all your data on Facebook. The new report, says Wolfram CEO Stephen Wolfram, expands Wolfram Alpha’s “powers of analysis to give you all sorts of personal analytics.” The company plans to expand these reports with  [ Read More ]

The Accidental Systems Librarian

After nearly 2 years in the works, The Accidental Systems Librarian second edition is finally ready for preorder!! That’s right folks, after juggling health issues, travel for work and just general stress I am happy to announce that this second edition of the first Information Today Inc book I ever read will be released next month, but can be preordered today for a nice discount. Learn more about the book  [ Read More ]

Google Citations and

In the last couple of weeks I learned about and the new features of Google Scholar – both of which are very very similar. Let’s start with Google Scholar – most you know about this service already, it’s a great way to find articles and books for your research. I sometimes spend a couple hours just searching for new open source articles to save to my Zotero Library and  [ Read More ]

Mashup Idea: Where are my friends?

Last week I went to San Francisco for work and then a bit of a break. I knew I had friends in SF, but couldn’t remember everyone. I touched base with a couple before heading out that way and set up plans, but once in the state got a message from another friend that I forgot lived there! There are many apps out there with location information, Tripit for example  [ Read More ]

Open Source Culture in Business

Several years ago (seems like a lifetime ago to me) I left the library to work for a vendor, an open source vendor of course, but a vendor nonetheless. I used to joke that I had crossed over to the ‘dark side.’ Five years later I can’t imagine ever going to back to working in the library itself. It’s not that I don’t love libraries – of course I do!  [ Read More ]

My husband, Brian Engard, is at GenCon this weekend and last night he won his first ENnie (yes first – there are many more in his future). This from an excited Brian: [T]he award I won was because of my association with Evil Hat. There’s this thing called the Fan Best Publisher Award, and Evil Hat took second place (behind Paizo, naturally; take a shot everybody). Because I work for  [ Read More ]

Bookmarks for Septe

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...