Windows Live Community Builder

So, I read on TechCrunch and Lifehacker about Windows Live Community Builder and I want to poke around a bit (because I’m trying not to be prejudiced) – but the link takes me to a very minimal looking page.

Windows Live Community Builder in FF

I tried a few different links and then thought … hmmm … this is Microsoft, I wonder if it will work in IE – and low and behold it does. How can you expect to get respect if your tool doesn’t work in all browsers? I guess I’ll just have to wait to try it out until I can use it in Firefox, because it’s not that important to me to have to use IE for just one website.

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I just learned about Todoist – an online task manager. Nothing fancy there, but Lifehacker also points me to a Firefox extension that will allow me to integrate Todoist into Gmail. That would work if I actually used the Gmail page – what I’d like to see is a to do list integrated into Google Calendar – when is that coming??

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Extension List Dumper

As anyone who’s done a presentation on Firefox knows – it’s always been pretty hard to create a list of your favorite extensions. Enter Extension List Dumper. This little add-on lets you dump your list of extensions and format it based on several options. Here’s my list:

Application: Firefox (2006120418)
Operating System: WINNT (x86-msvc)

Here’s what it looks like – very very handy!

Extension List Dumper

Irony of Ironies

So I head over to the Apple Store (online) to drool over the iPods I can’t afford and what happens? The CSS doesn’t load up for the page so I have a full text version – actually it looks like a mobile version of the page. It’s very difficult to navigate and there are no images anywhere – so I thought – maybe I should try this in IE (I was using Firefox of course). So I paste my URL into IE – and it works!!! The Apple store – works on the Microsoft product but not Firefox!! Can you believe it?

Elephant’s Memory

That’s how Downloadsquad explains the newest add-on in my Firefox toolbox – How’d I Get Here:

This is an innocuous little add-on that does one thing only: Tells you how you originally found the site you’re looking at. It has an elephant’s memory, so even if you bookmark the site and come back to it six weeks later, it will still be able to send you back to where you first discovered it.


Inline Search for IE

At work I use IE – mostly because our library site was designed pre-Firefox and doesn’t looks so great in Firefox (redesign coming – 2007). One of things I miss when using IE at work is the handy Firefox inline search feature – well thanks to Lifehacker I have found a solution. Inline Search for IE makes it so that you can use Find in Page with a similar interface to Firefox. Pretty handy little tool (note: you still have to hit ctrl+F to get it to open but after that you can use F3).