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Yippee! Snapper in Firefox 2.0

As you know I couldn’t figure out how to get Snapper to work on Firefox 2.0 – well, I found a comment on the Snapper Add-on page that helped me install Snapper on Firefox 2.0 – now I have all of the extensions I want. 1. Right-click on the install link and select SAVE LINK AS. 2. Open the file with winzip or wirar and open the file install.rdf. 3.  [ Read More ]

Firefox 2.0 – Initial Impressions

I LOVE IT!! I upgraded while I was away and have had some time to play since then. My favorite feature? The built in spell checker! I want to make Firefox the default browser on all computers at work so that people stop asking me to figure out how to install a spell checker into our WYSIWYG editor on the intranet. My least favorite feature? I can’t get my Snapper  [ Read More ]

IE 7 v Firefox 2

Well you know which one I’m using right now – but if you want to read a couple comparisons, try these: Forward Thinking by Michael J. Miller: IE7 vs. Firefox: The Competition Really Begins Firefox 2, Internet Explorer 7: Random Thoughts I will eventually install IE7 – I have to if I want to see what my sites will look like – but I want to wait for a few  [ Read More ]

How depressing…

My husband – who usually learns everything from me – knew that Firefox 2.0 was released before I did – I’ve been so busy with the conference and school work that I didn’t realize – anyway, I’m downloading it now – are you?? Technorati Tags: firefox


A new (or new to me) Firefox extension that makes error pages much more handy. Rather than the lone “Try again” button, ErrorZilla adds buttons to the error page that allow you to do things like view the Google Cache of the page, find a snapshot of the page from the Wayback Machine, ping the site, or see who owns the site with a WhoIs lookup (assuming, of course, any  [ Read More ]

Zotero – Only for Firefox 2.0

Well – as you can tell I never finished listening to the podcast – in which I’m sure they mentioned the tiny important fact that Zotero is only for Firefox 2.0 I went to the site first thing this morning to download it – but I don’t want to upgrade until I’m sure my extensions will work with the new Firefox – so I guess I’ll have to wait –  [ Read More ]

Mozilla Add-ons RSS

Another great tip from Lifehacker – subscribe to Mozilla’s Add-ons RSS feeds to be the first to learn about new extensions for Firefox, Thunderbird and Mozilla.

Firefox 2 Coming Soon

I was just reading on Blog on the Side that Firefox 2 is due on in October – a fact I must have missed along the way. In her post she links to an article in Business Week about what Firefox will have to do to keep its market share up. I love the fact that Firefox has 10% of the market which is more than Opera or Safari –  [ Read More ]


I realized this morning that I didn’t write anything yesterday – not that I have to write everyday, but I usually find at least one thing noteworthy. I just now remembered why I didn’t write – for some reason on my work computer Firefox crashes when I visit Bloglines. I mentioned earlier that I’m having crashing problems on both work and home computers – I have a list of all  [ Read More ]

Firefox Problems

Has anyone else out there been having problems is version of Firefox? I have noticed that it is crashing an aweful lot lately and it’s starting to get annoying – thank goodness for whatever extension I have (I can’t seem to figure out which one it is) that is remembering my sessions.

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