Another Nifty Firefox Extension

Are you reading Download Squad? If you’re not, you’re missing out on all kinds of neat tools.

I just read about Link Alert – a Firefox Extension that changes your cursor based on the type of link you’re about to click. So if you’re about to click a PDF link it will add the PDF icon to your cursor.

I have made edits to the CSS here on this blog so that you can see what type of link you’re about to follow – but since most of you are probably reading through your aggregator this extension might be a handy addition to your browser.

Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing

I just stumbled upon a list (it’s a bit old) of the 50 Best Firefox Extensions for Power Surfing – I haven’t finished the list but I have already found 4 or 5 new extensions that I want – so I wanted to share the list with you in case you missed it the first time around.

[update] I just saw that this thread is constantly updated – so it’s not old at all! [/update]

Plugin for Programmers

First, let me say – I love Lifehacker – I just wish it wasn’t so hard to keep up with – I’m out of commission for 2 days and I have 95 new things to read about :)

Now what I’m really writing about.

View Rendered Source Chart is a Firefox plugin that lets your view the souce code of a page with the nesting in pretty colored boxes. Now if I could have a plugin for HTML-Kit that could do that same thing I’d be in heaven!

Design for Size

For those of you web designers with Windows (sorry MAC users) this is a new tool that I just learned about that will make your life easier. As you know you have to design for the popular browser resolutions – but if you’re like me you have your resolution set as high as it will go – so this requires a plugin or a script like this one from, which is what I’ve been using for the last year or so. But today Lifehacker pointed me to something so much better! It’s called Sizer and it’s a windows file that makes it so that you can resize any window to one of three sizes with the click of the mouse.

Give it a whirl, I bet you’ll love it!

New Firefox

Okay, so I’ve read all over about Firefox 1.5 and I went to download it (a while ago) only to find out it wasn’t an official release … so I decided to wait. Today I went back to the Firefox site and what do I see? Version 1.5 available for download!!

How come my browser didn’t give me the “New Updates” message?

Oh well, who cares – I’m off to download the new Firefox (and then I’m going to read this article in Wired) – you should too!