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Self Driving Cars

While this has nothing to do with library science, it is an interesting development in technology and I’d love to hear what everyone else is thinking about it. I read about self driving cars a while ago and was torn between thinking “Oh Cool!” and “Fat Chance!” The fact is that self driving cars are becoming much closer to a reality and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  [ Read More ]

Capturing, Sharing and Acting on Ideas

Adam Shambaugh and Jill Luedke from Temple University gave the next talk I attended. They talked to us about the Capture and Idea project at Temple. Adam introduced us to the term “Fuzzy Front End of Innovation” which means ideas in their infancy. This is the window of time before an idea becomes reality. Some of obstacles during this phase of innovation include: Limited ‘buy in’ Ideas of ill-defined Decisions  [ Read More ]

Foolishly Optimistic

Sometimes when I talk to others I feel a bit foolish for being so optimistic – the thing is that I believe in libraries and librarians and always think that that others feel the same way I do. In the latest Library 2.0 Gang podcast, I deemed 2009 as the year of open. I honestly believed that we were finally on the right track in the library world. I had  [ Read More ]

Last night I got to hear Stephen Abram talk about the future of SLA & librarianship. First (and most important) I have uploaded my pictures to Flickr. Stephen started with a mini rant (a good rant) about the fact that there is no proof that the book is at risk. Reading stats are going up and book sales are going up. That said, do we hear that librarians are at  [ Read More ]

50 Reasons Not to Change

Yikes! Via LibraryBytes & Biocultural Science & Management

Rate of Change…

From Lorcan Dempsey: OCLC distributed around 2 million printed catalog cards last year. They are still being used …. I understand that there are some libraries that just can’t afford monolithic library systems – but there are so many affordable options out there today – why would so many libraries still be using cards?

Just Ask – So Simple!

Thanks to Judith for pointing out Kathy’s editorial from the most recent issue of CIL. “In the library world, many processes are still done the way they were years ago. The old adage ‘because we’ve always done it that way’ still holds sway, and entangled layers of bureaucracy can make real change incredibly slow, if no impossible. But as I preach in keynotes and workshops while I’m wearing my other  [ Read More ]

This from a post on the NY Times Bits blog: In less than 14 months, any traditional television set still connected to its antenna will receive nothing but static, as the broadcasting industry cuts over completely to its new digital frequencies. A recent poll by the marketing arm of the cable industry shows that most people still have no clue this is going to happen. In a telephone survey in  [ Read More ]

Anger Drives Innovation

I’m catching up on my podcasts (mostly because I had to take the train into the city today) and I got to listen to a great IT Conversation with Jeff Bonforte from Yahoo!. Jeff starts out by telling us that anger is the most untapped emotion in start ups and innovation – and that’s unfortunate because he feels that it’s the most important emotion. How does this apply to libraries?  [ Read More ]

The Fear is Worse than the Reality

Richard Wallis has a post at Panlibus about an article found via the BBC regarding the Open Library project. My favorite quote: As with the rest of society, the fear of something nasty happening can be far more corrosive that the possibility of it happening. Maybe I should give you a little bit of background. This was in response to comments by Stephen Bury, head of European and American Collections  [ Read More ]

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