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CIL11: Learning from Inspirational Libraries

Marshall Breeding was up this morning talking to us about learning from libraries he’s visited around the world! I don’t see Marshall’s slides online yet, but I hope to find them sometime because he has a ton of awesome pictures in them to share with us all. First up, in 2007 Marshall visited Yonsei University library in Seoul, Korea. Marshall feels that they have done everything they could with technology.  [ Read More ]

CIL11 Keynote: Dancing with Digital Natives

Michelle Manafy was our keynote speaking this morning talking to us about the digital natives – those who have grown up with nearly ubiquitous digital technologies. Michelle started with a series of quotes: By the time they finish college, kids will have spent over 10,000 hours playing videogames, sent and received over 200,000 emails and instant messages and spend more than 10,000 hours talking on cell phones — Mark Prensky  [ Read More ]

CIL11: In Pursuit of Library Elegance

This afternoon’s talk was taking the book ‘In Pursuit of Elegance‘ by Matthew May and how we can implement the theories in the book in libraries. Erica Reynolds started by talking to about a familiar topic – ‘less is more.’ In libraries we seem to always want to add more – more signs, more images, more everything and to be elegant you actually need to do more with less. Erica  [ Read More ]

CIL11: Building Great Websites

First up this morning (for me) Aaron Schmidt and Amanda Etches-Johnson. Disclaimer 1: That pesky catalog problem – we really don’t have any control over this in most of our systems Disclaimer 2: Like the catalog we don’t really have a lot of control over what all the other systems we subscribe to look like 0% of searchers start their research at library websites (according to perceptions survey). Aaron and  [ Read More ]

CIL2010: SOPAC 2.1

I’m now ready to drool over the new features coming to SOPAC 2.1. John started by telling us what SOPAC was and if any of my reader’s don’t know it’s a social OPAC built using Drupal — and it’s open source so that moves it to the top of my list To learn more about SOPAC there are plenty of articles out there and of course a chapter in Library  [ Read More ]

CIL2010: Keynote

Lee Raine from the PEW Internet & Life Project was our keynote this morning at Computers in Libraries. He talk was titled ‘Information Fluency: How networked creators have changed the ecology of information and the world of libraries.’ This is going to be a post full of statistics (if previous years are any indication) .. so let’s get down to it. At the dawn of the PEW project in 2000  [ Read More ]

Amy De Groff, Head of Library Technology Services talked to us about using open source at the Howard County Public Library. Amy started by telling us that she was not going to convince us that open source is a good thing – the other speakers had already done enough of that. Amy’s library will be entirely open source by September – which is pretty darn awesome!! With open source software  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: LibX

Kyrille Goldbeck and Dr. Godmar Back of Virginia Tech talked to us about LibX. I (probably like you) have heard of this tool before – but I had no idea how cool and powerful it was!! LibX was originally developed as a way for patrons to take the library with them on the web as a sort of a “virtual librarian” that guides user to library resources while they use  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: Open Source Applications

Glen Horton talked to us about how libraries can give back to open source. Libraries and open source are fundamentally related – both … believe that information should be freely accessible to everyone we like to give away stuff we benefits from generosity of others (part Glen is going to talk about) are about communities make the world a better place One of the ways libraries can give back is  [ Read More ]

CIL2008: Open Source Landscape

I love listening to Marshall Breeding present – it always makes me feel better to know that someone can talk faster than me Marshall started his talk by showing us the lib-web-cats advanced search which allows you to search for libraries running specific systems. He did remind us to keep in mind that the systems shown are the ones that have made a commitment to a system (may not be  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Augus

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