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CIL – Too much to choose from

I just put together my preliminary schedule for CIL – and there is just too much to choose from! I’m open for a few meals, feel free to email me if you’d like to meet up. Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

Computers in Libraries 2007 Wiki

The wiki is up and running for Computers in Libraries. Not only will I be attending this year but I will be presenting on using Blogs & Wikis for project management within your library. This is another presentation about our new intranet – except instead of talking about design and programming I’ll be talking about practical uses of Web 2.0 technologies for managing in-house projects. It should be a fun  [ Read More ]

The presentations are rolling in

CIL Presentations are being posted all over the place. Be sure to check the official ITI page for a full listing. Technorati Tags: cil2006, cil06

More on the Web 2.0 Challenge

Paul Miller has posted a follow up to his presentation at CIL last week. He commented on our (the biblioblogosphere’s) doubts that vendors will ever live up to the dream he presented to us. Change is hard. Change can hurt. Given where we are now, and where the wider world is going, change is essential. We need to work with libraries in order to ensure that they can project themselves  [ Read More ]

Another Tech Savvy Staff Tip

I was reflecting on what I learned last week at the conference and I thought I should share with you all one way that we’re trying to create Tech Savvy Staff – and it’s free! We (meaning I) look for free webinars offered through places like OPAL, SirsiDynix and KM World and invite the entire staff to attend in our multi-purpose room. This room is wired to allow the sound  [ Read More ]

Blogging a conference

This is the first year I was a blogger at CIL – it’s my first year as a blogger at all – what’s the point? Well I was reading everyone else’s summaries (now that mine are finished) and I saw this bullet point from Amanda Etches-Johnson and I just had to share it here because I agree 100%. Blogging a conference makes the experience better. It just does. It certainly  [ Read More ]

The conference in pictures

A lot of people have been adding their CIL pictures to Flickr – but only one has sketches from the sessions! Derik Badman sketched what he saw while in sessions and around the conference. Very cool! And fun if you were in the same session because you know exactly what part he was sketching. Technorati Tags: cil2006, cil06

DigiTech Props

I mentioned that Darlene Fichter had great props for the DigiTech Forum – well Nancy Garmen from Info Today got a great picture. Make sure you check it out. PS. I’m catching up on my reading so I’ll probably have more CIL summaries to share with you from the other bloggers. Technorati Tags: cil2006, cil06

Recovering – slowly

Meredith says in her CIL: Impressions post – “I feel like I've been run over by a train.” Great way to explain it Meredith! I was so wiped yesterday that I wrote up some of my summaries and then took a nap – and I wrote some more and went to bed early I had so much fun this time at CIL. This was my first year as a blogger  [ Read More ]

The Web 2.0 Challenge

I know that you’ve been wondering since I posted about the Future of Catalogs what my favorite session was at CIL this year – well, here it is! Paul Miller is the Technology Evangelist for Talis – how fun does that sound?? Paul said “One day I’ll have a normal job” but why would you want a normal job? Not only is Paul’s job title fun – he was fun  [ Read More ]

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