Code4Lib: My Recorder

For some silly reason I thought it would be okay to record today’s session on the lowest quality – now I’m having trouble hearing them. I’ll try and get some coherent summary posts up – but I apologize to all speakers in advance if I miss an important point or don’t get it quite right – I’m lost without my recordings!!

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Code4Lib: First Impressions

First of all – my teammate at Jenkins said it sounds like geek heaven :) We have a room with tables where we can plug our laptops in – and have free access to wireless – with special extended rights!! But you all aren’t reading so you can be jealous ;) You’re reading to hear about the sessions.

Today’s keynote was great – and I’ll write up my summary tonight. The rest of the sessions were great too – but a bit over my head – I’m not sure how to summarize what I learned. I am feeling a bit overwhelmed right now – hopefully something will start to click soon.

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