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NFAIS: Embracing New Measures of Value

Christy Confetti Higgins a Cybrarian at Oracle started the morning with her talk entitled ‘Embracing New Measures of Value: Integration and Collaboration at Sun Microsystems.’ Christy talked to us about integrating information from outside sources into inside sources. The approach they took was to maximize dollars spent, repurpose content, and leverage social media. One example of this is that they pulled in their own Twitter feed to the Information Services  [ Read More ]

NFAIS: Research in the Web Era

MacKenzie Smith, Associate Director for Technology at the MIT Libraries gave us a talk entitled “The Value Equation: Social Science Perspective (or Why I Love Google).” MacKenzie started by admitting that MIT (where she works) spends millions on research databases (570 of them including 45,000 e-journals), but she doesn’t use any of them … instead she relies on conference proceedings, white papers, email, blog posts and other related project websites.  [ Read More ]

NFAIS: Now About that Filter!

Dr. Cameron Neylon was up next to talk to us about filtering information in the scientific world. Carmeron finished high school in 1990 and had his first email address in 1991. His professor told him that he had to spend 1/2 a day a week in the library to read new journals so he could keep up with new information. It wasn’t until 1995 that he really discovered the web.  [ Read More ]

NFAIS: What Information Users Really Value

Roger Strouse from Outsell followed Clay Shirky with his talk titled: “What Information Users Really Value.” Throughout the talk, Roger gave us insights into what users are thinking based on studies and surveys that Outsell has performed. Roger started with what he called a ‘provocative statement’ – ‘In a challenging environment, meeting users’ value expectations is necessary for survival’ — why are we talking about this 2010 – when we’ve  [ Read More ]

Clay Shirky Keynotes NFAIS 2010

This year’s NFAIS conference was opened by Clay Shirky. He started by giving us a 5 word synopsis of his book Here Comes Everybody — Group Action Just Got Easier. He then when on to a story about the power of social networks. HSBC (a bank in the UK) in 2007 decided they were going recruit new clients (graduate students and undergrad students). They offered these students accounts with an  [ Read More ]

WiFi at Conferences

So, I spent today at the NFAIS conference – with no wifi! Now, this is not the conference committee’s fault – this is the fault of the hotels where we hold our conferences. I don’t know what this particular hotel was going to charge for wifi, but I’m sure it was an insane amount!! I’ve been on the exhibit floor for several library conferences and the amount they charge us  [ Read More ]

NFAIS 2009: Born Digital – Born Mobile

Mimi Ito closed the conference with her talk titled Born Digital – Born Mobile: A look at the Future of Communication and Search. Mimi asks, are these web 2.0 technologies just this generation’s version of punk rock? Will kids give it all up when they become adults? Or is there a cultural change here? If she were to pick one thing were profoundly different it’s that making and sharing media  [ Read More ]

The Impact of Global Digital Natives: The Rise of Social Media and Multi-language Communication and Content Nora Ganim Barnes from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth spoke first on Social Media Adoption from Higher Ed to the Inc. 500. Nora was going to give us the first longitudinal results of the conference. The sample used for her study included all kinds of schools size 20 students to 39,000 students. These questions  [ Read More ]

This morning’s panel was The Impact of Global Digital Natives: New Business Practices and Policies. Joe Lucia from Villanova started off the morning with his talk entitled No Secret Code: Open Source, Innovation, and Academic Libraries in the Digital Environment. Joe started by pointing us to the OCLC studies on user perceptions – particularly for his environment, the report on College Students’ Perceptions of Libraries and Information Services. Some of  [ Read More ]

NFAIS 2009: Miles Conrad Lecture

This year’s Miles Conrad Lecture was titled Challenges for Great Libraries in the Age of the Digital Native and was presented by Dame Lynne Brindley. Lynne called library and information service professionals to step up to the plate to provide value well beyond the search engine. If we don’t do this we will become obsolete or just the museum of the book – which isn’t necessarily bad – but she  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Augus

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Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

Bookmarks for Augus

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