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IL2012 Keynote: Library as Platform

David Weinberger was up as our keynote speaker to talk to us about the library as a platform. David is such an awesome speaker and cover so much ground quickly in his enthusiasm that I’m sure I’m skipping some major points below, but here’s what I could type while he was talking David starts by pointing out that while digitization is great, the real power is in the network, connecting  [ Read More ]

Heading to Internet Librarian!

This weekend I head to Monterey, California for Internet Librarian 2012. I’ll be doing a workshop on the WordPress open source content management system with Polly-Alida Farrington on Sunday, speaking about open source trends and issues with Marshall Breeding on Monday, signing copies of the second edition of The Accidental Systems Librarian on Monday night at the opening reception and then participating on a panel Tuesday evening about the transforming  [ Read More ]

KohaCon12: Ebsco’s EDS and Koha

Up this morning is Lee Miller from the Butte-Silver Bow Public Library. Lee has asked us to close our laptops for the start of her talk – but I am the exception so I can blog her talk! She wanted us to be left without a connection during her talk to show that there are people out there who are not as lucky as us to have broadband. Discovery also  [ Read More ]

KohaCon12: Offline Circulation

My colleague at ByWater, Kyle Hall, was up next talking about the Koha Offline Circulation Tool. Kyle wrote the first offline circulation tool in 2006 and within the last year rewrote the whole thing to make it work with latest releases of Koha. With 3.8 we also have another offline circulation tool to use – this one is a Firefox plugin. Kyle started with a demo of the desktop application.  [ Read More ]

KohaCon12: My Presentations

For those who were unable to attend KohaCon (or those who were there and want to see them again) here are the slides from my two presentations at KohaCon this week. Open Source: Freedom and Community View more presentations from Nicole C. Engard Training on Koha View more presentations from Nicole C. Engard Technorati Tags: kohacon12, kohacon, koha

My colleague at ByWater Solutions, Joy Nelson, was up this morning. She started mentioning that migration is not as easy as moving information from point A to B. It’s about getting things to fit in the right spot and at the end of the day it’s not the data that tells you you’re done, it’s the people. You have to keep a good relationship with your client: Manage expectations Communicate  [ Read More ]

KohaCon12: It’s all about the people!

Open source (and Koha) is about a lot more than the code and the programmers – it’s about the community. So with Koha, how does the community work? Chris Cormack broke it down for us in to some very simple steps! People are always on IRC talking about Koha and our lives (Stats) The Mailing Lists are very active (as the last speaker mentioned) and are a great way to  [ Read More ]

KohaCon12: Koha 3.8 What’s New?

Paul was up first talking about Koha 3.8. He highlighted for us the features he thought were most important. First some numbers! 1087 changes were made to the source code! Some were small and some very large. 71 different contributors 26 organizations contributed (this uses the email domain – so it might be more) The youngest contributor to Koha was 14!! During the Catalyst Open Source Academy in NZ The  [ Read More ]

My CIL2012 Presentations

David Lee King posted the slides from some of his talks at Computers in Libraries last week and I figured I should probably do the same thing so here we go. My first presentation was with Louise Alcorn and Christa Burns, I talked about Open Source Tools : Open Source Tools for Libraries View more presentations from Nicole C. Engard Next I was on a panel with fellow systems librarians  [ Read More ]

Ebook Trends: Info Pros Perspectives

Andy Woodworth was up first in the Ebook Trends talk. Andy’s talk was super fast and super awesome. I do hope that he shares his talk with us all so you can read that instead of my shortened summary. Andy started by summing up his opinion of the current Ebook frontier as “Everything is amazing and no one is happy” He summed up all of the technology changes that have  [ Read More ]

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