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New Gmail Feature – Merge Contacts

I just read about this great new feature for Gmail that lets you select multiple contacts and merge them into one – I could really use this to clean up my contacts – but for some reason I can’t get my contacts page to load in Firefox. Whenever I click on Contacts I get this popup. I can’t get it to go away – it keeps coming back so I  [ Read More ]

Gmail Multiple Inboxes

The title I think is a little misleading – but this new feature from Google Labs is awesome!! When I first read this, I thought I could read multiple Gmail accounts in one window – but what it really means is that I have have multiple searches run right in my inbox screen. The new feature–called Multiple Inboxes–allows users to have multiple viewing panes open simultaneously without having to open  [ Read More ]

Create Doc from Gmail

Pretty soon Google is going to have to organize their Gmail Labs page better. There was so much on there I didn’t know about. Today I added the ability to move boxes around on the right (something I’ve been dying for) and the ability to export an email thread as a Google Document. I could have used that this AM when I needed to find a way to copy an  [ Read More ]

Integrated Gmail Firefox Add-on

I read about this neat sounding add-on for Firefox on Lifehacker – but unfortunately it’s not ready for prime time. Allows you to make the Inbox Collapsible and loads your choice of Google Calendar, Reader, Notebook, Groups, etc… plus Custom URLs and Google Gadgets seamlessly into the gmail interface. Works w/Google Apps Accounts and GMail Themes. I installed the Integrated Gmail add-on, but every time I went to Gmail I  [ Read More ]

Addicted or Workaholics?

Janie posted a poll a little while ago to find out about email habits of library workers. I filled it out and I can tell you that I was checking work email on my honeymoon and so checking it on weekends is no big deal to me Janie has posted her results and included this interesting summary: My question is this – are we addicted to email/the web or are  [ Read More ]

MarkMail: Mailing List Search

Last year I bookmarked MarkMail and then promptly forgot about it. Today I was searching for someone’s email address and was brought back to MarkMail – wow has it grown!! Searching 4,310 lists and 22,872,030 messages. First list started in November 1992. There are 2,898 active lists, recently accumulating 5,907 messages per day. Basically, MarkMail is a search engine you can use to search mailing lists. It’s built by MarkLogic  [ Read More ]

Gmail Contacts

I just read that Gmail has improved their contact handling by not putting every address you ever contact into your contacts list. We’ve heard from some of you that Gmail’s auto-added contacts can lead to too much address book clutter. One of the advantages of automatically creating contacts is that all of the addresses you email subsequently show up in auto-complete. We wanted to preserve this benefit while giving you  [ Read More ]

Colored Labels in Gmail

Nothing really fancy here – but I was a bit confused this morning – something looked different in my email. Looks like Google is using colored labels (like they let me do with my Google Calendar). This is just one of those fun little features that makes things pretty – and can be useful for those who have a lot of labels – I (on the other hand) had to  [ Read More ]

Permalinks in Gmail

Did you know that Gmail added Permalinks? Thanks to Google Blogoscoped for pointing me to these tips on the Official Gmail Blog. Among them is the fact that the URLs in Gmail have changed so that you can easily copy and paste them. Now, I’m trying to find a good use for this – and other than having a shared email account – why would I want to keep a  [ Read More ]


I just learned about Todoist – an online task manager. Nothing fancy there, but Lifehacker also points me to a Firefox extension that will allow me to integrate Todoist into Gmail. That would work if I actually used the Gmail page – what I’d like to see is a to do list integrated into Google Calendar – when is that coming?? Technorati Tags: todoist, gmail, firefox

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