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Students Required to Buy Cell Phone

Now, I’m all for campus safety and for colleges using the technology that our students are using – but this is a bit much! Students at Montclair State University in Dirty Jersey now must purchase, out of their own pocket, a Sprint cellphone, dubbed the "School Phone" by students. Ostensibly, the plan is designed to ensure student's safety. The least expensive plan, which includes a paltry 50 peak voice minutes  [ Read More ]


Do you think that this name has some hidden meaning? Turning your paperbooks into kindling? Anyway, Amazon’s Kindle looks awesome!! My only problem is that it doesn’t read PDF. Now, while I’m not a student anymore, I always wanted an e-book reader so I could read my lecture notes which were in PDF format on a nice book-sized screen. I just read an amazing paragraph in Everything is Miscellaneous regarding  [ Read More ]

Stocking Stuffers?

RitzCamera has a one day deal where you can get 3 1GB Flash Drives for $29.99 (plus $6.95 s/h). Sounds like a neat stocking stuff idea for those geeks in your family … or maybe just for anyone in your family!

No GPS Needed

How neat is this? Lost drivers soon will be able to Google for help at the pump. As part of a partnership to be announced Wednesday, the online search leader will dispense driving directions at thousands of gasoline pumps across the United States beginning early next month. Instead of fighting with your significant other about who has to go in and ask for directions from the dubious looking gas attendant,  [ Read More ]

Sony Reader – Part 2

This weekend I saw/posted about the Sony E-book reader … now I read on Crunch Gear that it may not be as cool as it looks. According to Gordon Meyer over at 43 Folders, the Sony PRS-505 eBook reader is pretty close to perfect until you try to drop a few PDF files onto it. “None of my PDF files were remotely close to readable on this thing,” he says.  [ Read More ]

Sony Reader

Today I was in Borders on my way out the door with my Chai Latte (my favorite winter drink) when a techie toy caught my eye. It was the Sony Ebook Reader (PRS505/SC). I had read about these bad boys – but never seen one. As a librarian and a reader, I have dismissed ebook readers as no possible replacement for the real thing … but this toy is pretty  [ Read More ]

Presenting alot?

I hate standing behind the podium when I present – mostly becuase I’m so short I look like a floating head – or a kid playing dress up. Anyway, I use this nifty tool for my presentations – and now it’s on sale if you want one.

World’s Thinnest Notebook (for real)

The other day I wrote about the thinnest laptops ever. Today I read that Toshiba actually has the thinnest notebook. The Portege R500 is Toshiba's newest addition to the mobile front. Surprisingly this two pound notebook comes with an optical drive which is touted as the worlds thinnest at an impressive 7mm. The R500 packs some cool features and options such as the available 64GB of SSD storage, which -when  [ Read More ]

Thinnest Laptop Ever

I agree with Sarah – I want one of these nifty little things!! In fact – that was just what they were aiming for: Though designers say the product is unisex, as a fashion accessory it may carry particular appeal to women, a group Intel has long wanted to win over. “Increasingly, women are often the decision makers, particularly with high-end purchases,” says Richard Shim, an analyst with IDC. “More  [ Read More ]

Book Gadgets

You may have noticed my bookmark to Kimbooktu – but I have to tell you how cool this site is. Kimbooktu lists gadgets, books, tools, and goodies for book lovers – it’s so much fun to read and maybe one day I’ll be able to buy some of these nifty gadgets.

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Bookmarks for Augus

Today I found the following resources and bookmarked them on ...

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