First Big Present

Today my husband and I threw a holiday party for our families. Everyone came here and we cooked a feast. My mother and husband gave me a new digital camera. I got the FujiFilm E900 – and I must say it’s much better than my old Fuji. I took a bunch of pictures with no flash in my dark house and they all turned out pretty darn good. I also have a new 1GB memory card – so I can take pictures to my heart’s content.

Hope all of your holidays are going well.

Camera Finder – Part 2

I said before (earlier today) that I didn’t think the Flickr Camera Finder was useful, but I’ve played with it more and have changed my mind.

I did a little browsing to find pictures taken by a particular camera. I can use this to figure out which cameras take the best pictures (for me). I have added the FujiFilm E900 to my wishlist per a recommendation from a friend (and an amazing price). I did a little looking at pictures taken with this camera and it’s a huge improvement over my current camera.

Digital Cameras – I’m up for Suggestions

I want a new digital camera. As you can see by my pics from the 2 conferences my camera’s not so good with the dark places. I see some great pictures take in the same rooms I was in – and I just want to know what cameras you’re all using and happy with. I should note that my camera (I have a FujiFilm A340) is 2+ years old – so it’s ancient in digital time – it might just be an age issue.

Gadgets, Gadgets, Gadgets!

I didn’t get to attend this session, but I can keep up because Aaron Schmidt has put the presentation online.

The most confusing (and kind of useful) item – the USB heated gloves (on page 17) – at first I couldn’t figure out why I would have my laptop with me while out in the snow. But Aaron’s description cleared it up for me – I can use these in my icebox of an office at work!!

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New Toy

HP Ipaq 4355

I bought a new toy on ebay over the weekend. I am not the excited (cause it’s a new toy) owner of an HP Ipaq 4355. What’s so neat about this gadget? Well it’s a Pocket PC with WiFi – something I haven’t had on a Pocket PC before. It also has a handy little keyboard. It also allows me to read my lectures & handouts while on the train on the way to work without having to print them all out!

I have only one problem – and it’s not the fault of the toy – it’s the fault of me for not reading the description carefully. I have an a/g router at home and apparently my new Pocket PC needs a b router!! Guess it’s time to go out shopping for more goodies ;)