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Nicole’s Surgery: Recovery

After her recovery period, Nicole was groggy and drifted in and out of sleep.  She was soon moved to her room, where she did much the same thing for a while. Eventually the physical therapist came to teach her to walk again.  Nicole met this with a lot of resistance, as she was in a considerable amount of pain while on her feet.  However, sometime later I came back after  [ Read More ]

Nicole’s Surgery: Success!

The doctor just came out and told us that Nicole’s surgery was a success, and went according to plan.  There was some minor issue with the anesthesia, and she had had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics they had her on initially, but all that got worked out, and now she’s through surgery and in recovery. Her mom and I are now waiting (about 45 minutes) for her to leave  [ Read More ]

Nicole’s Surgery: It Starts

Nicole mentioned a while back, I think, that I (Brian, her husband) would be posting on her behalf during her surgery and recovery, to keep you up-to-date on what was going on. Right now, I’m sitting in the waiting room at the Rothman Institute, while she is prepped for surgery.  Once her IVs are started and the anesthesia has begun, I and her mother will be brought back to see  [ Read More ]

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