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Office Communication the 2.0 Way

Yesterday I gave a presentation at a special library on how to use the power of blogs and wikis to improve communication and collaboration within your organization. The slides are online, but if you’ve ever attended one of my talks, you’ll know that the slides are just a quick intro. The meat of the presentation was the live demo. Office Communication the 2.0 WayLawrenceville, NJ, September 20, 2007 After giving  [ Read More ]

My presentation from the NFAIS meeting yesterday is now available for download. The Collaborative Information Workspace [slides, blog screencast, wiki screencast, to-do list screencast] NFAIS – User-Generated Content and Social Media, Philadelphia, PA, June 29, 2007.

Screencasts of Intranet Presentation

At CIL I promised that I’d create a screencast for those who couldn’t see the screen – and those who weren’t there at all. I have just created my first 3 screencasts!! There is no sound and nothing fancy, but you can at least see what I did in my presentation. This is my first attempt at something like this – so be nice On my server: Project Blogs Wiki  [ Read More ]

My Presentation

I am done! My presentation went well as you an tell by this twitterer: If you want the slides they are on my Publications & Presentations page – and here. I’ll try to do a screencast when I get back home for those who couldn’t see the screen or weren’t able to attend. Technorati Tags: cil2007, cil07

Intranet != Design

I just read this great quote on the Intranet Blog: An intranet is about 20% technology, 80% people and process. To change or redesign the intranet has in fact little to do with design, and everything to do with change management. This is very very important for library web managers to understand. You can copy all of the neat little things I did for our intranet – but it won’t  [ Read More ]

Jenkins Intranet Mentioned on IntranetBlog

I guess it pays to go to these conferences and talk to everyone. Jenkins Intranet was mentioned on the IntranetBlog. I made sure to comment to address some of Toby’s concerns – I think sometimes people who consult big companies on their intranets forget that us little guys don’t really need as many bells and whistles – we just need something that works and makes things better (communications, fewer emails,  [ Read More ]

Carmine Porco from Prescient Digital Media (whose company hosts the Intranet Blog) shared some case studies of Intranet redesigns with us. I want to preface this for the librarian readers that a lot of his suggestions apply more to big companies than little libraries – and I also think a lot of his suggestions apply more to our public sites than our Intranets, so think of his suggestions in that  [ Read More ]

KMWorld & Intranets – Here I come

I leave tomorrow to return to California – this time I’ll be in San Jose at the KMWorld & Intranets conference. I will speaking on Thursday the 2nd about our Project Blogs on the Jenkins Intranet & I’ll be moderating the search track on Weds the 1st. If you’re there, come say hi! [update]I forgot to mention that my schedule is available on the conference wiki [/update] Technorati Tags: km2006,  [ Read More ]

Intranet Shots

I have uploaded more screenshots of our intranet – all available on Flickr if you’re interested in viewing them. Technorati Tags: intranet

Blogging at Jenkins

I have finally gotten around to reading the latest Library Technology Report by Michael Stephens – Web 2.0 & Libraries: Best Practices for Social Software. I’m in the chapter on blogging and Michael is talking about blogging internally for communication within libraries. I’m thinking – “Boy its shame that I didn’t get to talk to Michael about our Intranet before this was published” – and then I hit page 21  [ Read More ]

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Bookmarks for Augus

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