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The argument for open access

The other night I was sent a link to an article entitled ‘Is the Academic Publishing Industry on the Verge of Disruption?‘ by Simon Owens. The title had me intrigued, but it did not actually prepare me for what I was about to read. In his article Owens summarizes what we librarians already know – academic journals have become way too expensive for us to maintain our subscriptions. Libraries are  [ Read More ]

Collaborative Librarianship #3

The thid issue of the Collaborative Librarianship journal has been released. This issue includes a continuation of my first column: Collaboration MattersCollaborative Librarianship, Vol 1, No 3, August 2009, p.109. Check out the entire issue online.

Collaborative Librarianship #2

The second issue of the Collaborative Librarianship journal has been released – and with it my first column: Collaboration MattersCollaborative Librarianship, Vol 1, No 2, May 2009, p.70. Check out the entire issue online.

Like I didn’t have enough to do :)

I just wanted to share a bit of news with you all. I am now officially a columnist for the Collaborative Librarianship journal. This issue will introduce a new regular “column” feature by Nicole Engard, “Open Source Evangelist” at LibLime, and an expert in many technologies that enable collaboration. Nicole states, “I am very excited to participate in a journal that focuses on what I’ve been talking about for years  [ Read More ]

Information wants to be expensive

One of the common concerns I heard earlier this week at the NFAIS conference was costs. The digital natives want free information – but the publishers have to worry about their bottom line. Of course, being who I am, I’m all about reworking your business model to make open source, open content, and open access work! But someone pointed out this article in the Wall Street Journal entitled Information Wants  [ Read More ]

Open Source ILS Library Technology Report

I haven’t gotten a copy of this report yet, so I can’t tell you (first hand) what’s covered, but I didn’t want you to miss out. So, if you get a chance, stop by your library and check out a copy of the newest Library Technology Report by Marshall Breeding (that’s what I’ll be doing). In this issue, Breeding details the differences between using an open source approach to that  [ Read More ]

Stay Informed

The Informed Librarian sounds like the kind of service that I’ll love and hate. Why hate? Because I won’t be able to find free access to all of the new articles it points me to Check it out for yourself: The Informed Librarian is a monthly compilation of the most recent tables of contents from over 312 titles – valuable domestic and foreign library and information-related journals, e-journals, magazines, e-magazines,  [ Read More ]

New: The Journal of Library Innovation

This just came across one of my mailing lists and sounds really great! The Western New York Library Resources Council is pleased to announce plans to publish The Journal of Library Innovation, one of the first journals devoted explicitly to innovation and creativity in libraries. This peer reviewed, electronic journal will publish original research, literature reviews, commentaries, case studies, reports on innovative practices, letters, as well as book and product  [ Read More ]

Code4Lib Journal Issue #2

Issue #2 of the Code4Lib Journal is now available online. Code4Lib: More than a journal Free and Open Source Options for Creating Database-Driven Subject Guides Using Google Calendar to Manage Library Website Hours Geocoding LCSH in the Biodiversity Heritage Library Toward element-level interoperability in bibliographic metadata Help! A simple method for getting back-up help to the reference desk Googlizing a Digital Library Participatory Design of Websites with Web Design Workshops  [ Read More ]

Making Digital Archives Accessible

Someone sent me a neat article from the New York Times today. The article talks about how Sports Illustrated is opening up it’s archives for anyone to search. The article implies that this is the way all print publications will probably go to keep their audiences. I’d rather it be that they’re doing it to provide everyone with free access to information – but I guess I’ll take it anyway  [ Read More ]

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