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Holiday Granola

This is a bit off topic, but I wanted to share with you all my awesome Holiday Granola recipe This year I made granola for friends and family and I took multiple recipes I found online, mashed them together and then adjusted accordingly. So if you like granola and want to try something new, here’s my recipe: Ingredients: 3 c. old fashioned oatmeal 1/2 c. wheat bran 1/3 c. flax  [ Read More ]

Saturday Funny

This is totally not tech related and not library related, but I wanted to share it anyway Our dog Beau likes to jump in our bed at night, spread out and then stare at us when we think about maybe getting in to the bed ourselves. My new favorite comic strip can be found on Facebook and captures Beau perfectly. Dog lovers be sure to check out Off the Leash  [ Read More ]

What’s your ideal bedtime?

Lifehacker pointed out a neat quiz that determines what type of person you are – morning or evening – and then tells you your ideal bedtime. The questions were pretty good (not like some of the silly quizzes out there) and it determined that I am very much a morning person (which I knew) and that my idea bedtime is 10:30pm. In the past few years pain has made me  [ Read More ]

Of Interest to Gamers

This post is a bit of a departure from my usual posts, so I hope you’ll excuse a proud wife. For my gamer readers I wanted to point out that my husband’s RPG, Bulldogs!, has been published. It was a big hit at GenCon this year and is a top seller amongst FATE based games on For those who are interested in new games, you might be interested in  [ Read More ]

Off Topic: A Review of StarCraft II

I posted this on my husband’s game blog, but I’m a bit annoyed and this site has a wider reach Maybe I’ll get some good support if I post in multiple places. First thing you need to know about me. Before meeting Brian in college the only games I played were minesweeper, solitaire and Oregon Trail (the original). I am not a hard core gamer, and when I play games  [ Read More ]

Handling Budget Cuts

This made me giggle!

More fun with Wordle

I wanted to try Wordle again. I decided to put in my resume from LinkedIn and my Publications & Presentations to see who I was according to Wordle. My Wordle Originally uploaded by nengard I see this as an addicting little toy … what else can you create a Wordle tag cloud with?? Technorati Tags: wordle

Citricon: Library Defender

This sounds too cute not to share with you all. Orange County Library System has created a new game to promote gaming in their library: What has the Orange County Library System been up to lately? We just made our new flash game, Citricon: Library Defender, live! Aliens have stolen the Library’s books, DVDs, and CDs, and we need your help! Play Citricon: Library Defender and help squirt get them  [ Read More ]

RSS for TV Addicts

Well – real TV addicts have DVR or Tivo or some such way to get new episodes, but if you can’t afford those and want to keep up with your new TV shows, mytvrss looks pretty neat!! Select your favorite shows below, and then click “Create feed” to generate your own personalized RSS feed. We’ll then alert you through the RSS feed the day an episode is aired. You don’t  [ Read More ]

Last night I got to hear Stephen Abram talk about the future of SLA & librarianship. First (and most important) I have uploaded my pictures to Flickr. Stephen started with a mini rant (a good rant) about the fact that there is no proof that the book is at risk. Reading stats are going up and book sales are going up. That said, do we hear that librarians are at  [ Read More ]

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